RevenueHits and FatCoupon are two distinct platforms that cater to different aspects of the online marketing and shopping experience. Here are the key differences between RevenueHits and FatCoupon:

Introduction of RevenueHits and FatCoupon


Monetization Platform: RevenueHits primarily focuses on helping website owners and publishers monetize their online content through various ad formats. It operates as an ad network, connecting publishers with advertisers to display ads on their websites and earn revenue based on performance.

Performance-Based Advertising: RevenueHits operates on a performance-based advertising model, where publishers earn revenue when specific actions, such as clicks or conversions, are generated through the displayed ads. This model allows publishers to optimize their earnings and pay only for measurable results.

Ad Optimization and Tracking: RevenueHits employs advanced algorithms and tracking tools to optimize ad placements and maximize revenue potential. It provides publishers with real-time reporting and analytics to monitor the performance of their ads, enabling data-driven decision-making for better results.

RevenueHits and FatCoupon


Coupon and Discount Platform: FatCoupon focuses on providing online shoppers with exclusive coupons, promo codes, and discounts from various online retailers. It aims to help consumers save money and maximize their purchasing power by offering a wide range of money-saving opportunities.

Browser Extension: FatCoupon offers a browser extension that integrates with popular web browsers, allowing users to automatically apply coupons and discounts during the checkout process. The extension actively scans for available deals, simplifying the savings process for shoppers.

Real-Time Deal Notifications and Community-Driven Savings: FatCoupon keeps users informed about the latest deals and discounts through real-time notifications. It also encourages a community-driven approach to savings, allowing users to share and discover coupons found during their own shopping journeys.

Price Comparison Tool: FatCoupon provides a price comparison tool that enables users to compare prices across different retailers for specific products. This feature helps shoppers identify the best available prices and make informed purchasing decisions.

RevenueHits and FatCoupon

Summary of RevenueHits and FatCoupon:

In summary,

RevenueHits is primarily focused on helping website owners monetize their online content through performance-based advertising, while FatCoupon caters to online shoppers by offering exclusive coupons, discounts, and a browser extension for seamless savings. RevenueHits targets publishers looking to generate revenue from their websites, while FatCoupon targets consumers seeking to save money during their online shopping experiences. The choice between RevenueHits and FatCoupon depends on the specific needs and goals of either website owners or online shoppers.

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