CB Passive Income: A Path to Passive Earnings in Affiliate Marketing


In the ever-evolving world of online business, many individuals and entrepreneurs are exploring affiliate marketing as a way to generate passive income. One popular system that has gained attention is CB Passive Income. This system, created by internet marketing expert Patric Chan, aims to simplify the affiliate marketing process and help individuals earn money online with minimal effort. In this article, we will delve into what CB Passive Income is, how it works, and whether it’s a viable path to achieving passive earnings.

What is CB Passive Income?

CB Passive Income is an affiliate marketing system that offers a ready-made business framework for individuals looking to start or enhance their affiliate marketing journey. Patric Chan’s system provides users with access to a variety of tools and resources, enabling them to promote products and earn commissions through ClickBank, one of the largest affiliate marketing networks.

How Does CB Passive Income Work?

The CB Passive Income system operates on a straightforward premise:

Ready-Made System: Users purchase a membership, gaining access to a pre-built affiliate marketing system. This system includes landing pages, email templates, and promotional materials that are designed to promote ClickBank products.

Drive Traffic: The primary goal of users is to drive traffic to the provided landing pages. The more targeted traffic they can direct to these pages, the higher the potential for conversions and earnings.

List Building: As visitors arrive at the landing pages, they are encouraged to subscribe to the email list, where they receive a series of automated email sequences. These emails contain promotions and recommendations for ClickBank products.

Commission Earnings: When a subscriber makes a purchase through one of the affiliate links in the emails, the user earns a commission. The system handles tracking, commissions, and affiliate payouts.

The Pros of CB Passive Income

Simplicity: CB Passive Income simplifies the affiliate marketing process, making it accessible to individuals without extensive technical or marketing expertise.

Ready-Made Assets: Users have access to pre-designed landing pages and email templates, reducing the time and effort required to set up a campaign.

Automation: The system automates email marketing and commission tracking, allowing users to focus on driving traffic.

Support and Training: Users receive training and support to help them understand and effectively use the system.

Affiliate Network: ClickBank, the affiliate network integrated into CB Passive Income, offers a wide range of products to promote, allowing users to choose products that align with their interests or niche.

The Cons and Considerations

Initial Investment: Users need to invest in a membership to access the system, and there may be additional costs for driving traffic through advertising or other methods.

Competition: The affiliate marketing space is competitive, and promoting products from ClickBank can mean facing competition from other affiliates.

No Full Control: While CB Passive Income provides a pre-built system, users do not have full control over the content and may be limited in their ability to customize campaigns.

Success Depends on Traffic: The system’s effectiveness largely depends on the user’s ability to drive targeted traffic to the provided landing pages.


CB Passive Income offers a simplified approach to affiliate marketing, allowing individuals to tap into the potential of earning passive income through ClickBank promotions. While it provides a convenient system and support, success ultimately depends on the user’s ability to drive traffic and engage subscribers effectively. As with any online business venture, it’s important to carefully consider the costs, competition, and the level of effort required before investing in CB Passive Income. For those willing to put in the work to generate traffic and nurture their email list, CB Passive Income can be a valuable tool on the path to passive earnings in affiliate marketing.

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